Innovative Piping Solutions

Pipes Made with the Highest Quality Materials

Our innovations on the production of rectangular pipes have paved the way for Advanced Aquaduck Systems to be the premier pipe manufacturer in Riverside, CA. Our company has developed piping products proven to be better options than current standards. Through the use of quality materials and expert engineering, our company has succeeded on delivering piping solutions to multiple locales in the country with remarkable results.


The Best Pipes Available in the Market

Unlike other pipes, our products do not easily give in to the pressure surrounding it. We use the highest quality materials to ensure longevity on all of our products. We also provide customizable piping measurements fit for every environment and every need.


Call Us for Wholesale Options

We offer reasonable prices for our products, with plenty of wholesale options available. If you want to be an authorized distributor of our pipes, let us know. Learn more about our prices and our piping products by calling us today at (951) 697-1140.